27.12.2021 – 02.01.2022






The most romantic city in Greece, Nafplio (NAFPLIO) is 130 kilometers away from Athens and was the first capital of modern Greece (1829-1834). The city itself is a masterpiece in the history of architecture and has picturesque scenery, fairy-tale castles, beautiful coasts, fashionable shops, special cuisine with fresh ingredients, warm and friendly local residents and an international artistic atmosphere. The romance, art and feelings you imagine can be found here.


The Acropolis and the Temple of Athena… The Parthenon, the highest level of Greek architectural art, appeared in the Mycenae civilization in the Bronze Age. The health and prosperity of the society at that time can be seen from the existing ruins. Founded in 45 AD, the ancient theater of Epidaurus, which has been serving world-class large-scale performances for more than 2,000 years, can produce stereo surround sound effects for audiences of 18,000 without audio equipment. An ancient architect left a mystery for contemporary times! The Corinth Canal, which separates the Bernese Peninsula from the mainland of Athens and makes the former an island, is the deepest canal dug in the world. These famous places are where we are about to stop.


The Center for Greek Studies at Harvard University (CHS Greek) is Harvard’s global office. It operates as an interdisciplinary center for foreign universities, connecting the Harvard community with local academic institutions, authorities and other organizations and communities, and combining the humanistic pursuits of its twin institution, CHS (CHS US) in Washington, DC, with the hometown of Harvard. Hellenization. We will have lectures at the research center.


The UNESCO subordinate organization THE PROSKINIO CULTURAL AND SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY have meticulously designed and arranged learning performances around the traditional Greek shadow opera, embedding ancient theater culture into modern language expressions.

New year concert and 2022 New Year activities


We will join the New Year concert in the beautiful NAFPLIO state musical hall and celebrate 2022 New Year together with local Greek people.  



Many local family hotels near the city center – Market place. They are very cozy, all have their own special characters and with very lovely personnel. The architect and decorations are also very traditional and unique. We will have a lovely stay there.


Itinerary: 27/ 12 2021- 02/01 2022

In particular, there are no restrictions on travel in Greece for those who have received two shots of the vaccine and those under the age of 12. You only need to fill in the entry registration form. NAFPLIO has no local long-term infection. All activities comply with protection requirements, disinfection, wearing of masks indoors, and maintaining social distancing.

27/12: Pick-up service when arriving at Athens Airport by bus, and there is a rental pick-up service for late arrivals (at your own expense)

28/12: Visit the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus in the morning, visit Napflio city and Harvard Greek study center in the afternoon

29/12   Visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Athena and the Corinth Canal

30/12   Learn about shadow puppet production and performance,  New Year's concert in the evening

31/12   Learn about shadow puppet production and performance, New Year’s eve party in the evening

01/01  Family free day (you may choose the celebration activities with locals or one-cruise journey etc.  yourselves)

02/01 Departure and return, drop-off service to the airport


Cost: EUR 450/person (for kid older than 5 and adult), EUR 350 for under 5 years old, Baby under 2 years old free

The cost includes: airport pick-up service, hotel accommodation, travel, tickets, concert venue organization, academic lectures, shadow puppet production and performance learning, and event safety insurance.

The cost does not include round-trip air tickets, taxi fare (additional), meals.



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